Beauty influencer Farah El Kadhi has died at the age of 36, presumably from a heart attack. She was on vacation on board a yacht.

Tragic death on vacation: Tunisian-born beauty influencer Farah El Kadhi is said to have suffered a heart attack on board a yacht while on vacation in Malta, reports the Daily Mail. She was found unconscious and rushed to Mater Dei Hospital in the port city of Msida. A few hours before her death, she posted happy selfies of herself on the yacht, which was moored in a marina, according to the report.

Farah El Kadhi showed no signs of injuries and had come to the country for a week-long holiday, the Daily Mail quoted local media as saying. An autopsy will now be carried out and a judicial investigation will be launched to determine the exact cause of death.

El Kadhi was one of the most famous influencers in Tunisia. On her platform, she promoted her fashion label Bazarbyfaf, among others, and had a total of 1.1 million Instagram followers.

Many fans are deeply shocked by the news of his death. “I only know you from Instagram, but the pain of your departure is deep! You radiated an energy full of joy and life! You lived this life as it should be and you kept a trace of love for the people who know you and those who don’t!” writes one. “I can’t believe it! I’m shocked, we will miss you baby! I will never forget you,” writes another.

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