Olympic-bound Scotland Women’s Hockey Team Faces Tough Test Against France

Scotland women’s hockey team is gearing up for the EuroHockey Qualifiers in Glasgow this summer with a series of matches against the Olympic Games-bound France in Paris. The matches are set to begin on Thursday and will provide a challenging test for the Scottish team.

Head coach Chris Duncan praised the French team, noting that they are a strong side with multiple threats. He emphasized the hard work and growth that the players have shown in training, especially after a successful series against Canada.

Duncan highlighted the importance of the upcoming matches against France, as they will be a valuable experience for the Scottish players. With the European qualifiers in August in mind, the team’s goal is to continue developing their playing style and preparation.

The first match is scheduled for 13 June at 18.00, followed by games on Saturday, 15 June at 18.00 and Sunday, 16 June at 11am. The Scottish squad includes players from various clubs, with five from Premiership champions Watsonians and five from The University of Edinburgh.

Overall, the matches against France will serve as a crucial test for the Scotland women’s hockey team as they continue their preparations for the upcoming EuroHockey Qualifiers.

### Biography: Sarah Jamieson

Sarah Jamieson is a talented field hockey player who currently plays for Watsonians. She has been a key player for the Scotland women’s hockey team, showcasing her skills on the field with determination and passion. Jamieson’s contributions to her team have been invaluable, and she continues to be a rising star in the world of field hockey.