There are simply no come. As Trixie Dörfel, Munich Glamour Diva and Ex-Star of a series has established, with funding from the WWF (known to be the abbreviation for “World raccoon Fun”), the “Dörfel-village” in Bavaria is under wood, in order Überpopulationen the small bears from all over Germany moved can be shot. Spotted but was received on the premises, sold as a anchor the centre – even the support of Ex-CSU-Chef Horst Seehofer, only a single copy of the cute pests. You can tell the report to journalists, the investigative Habitus like: “What’s going on?” Trixie Dörfel does not deny the Problem of immigration. The firm Foundation Fund was converted from your private.

The former child star has now quite other things to Worry about. The magnificently furnished Villa – a mouth-blown glass table in its own dioptric number, a countless number of Original masterpieces of Christine Neubauer on the walls, in the a year ago the arts-Susi, Stefanie Hertel, the Dörfel a festive Christmas TV visiting with a lot of whipped cream the purpose is to make it short, down the drain. The cosmetic line with a raccoon, milk extract, not flopped, but led to large claims for damages. An accident in a drunken state, a prey for the tabloid press, as well as the war of the roses with trixie’s double Ex-husband, Peter Pudl, the owner of the said Villa. The star Director speaks for the first time in front of the camera, at his side, Monique Bredow (Nadja Bobyleva). Also, Stefanie Hertel, Iris Berben, Barbara schöneberger, Jan Josef Liefers and Howard Carpendale press time, understanding, time, upset your amazement about the depths of the case of the blonde angel.

The “celebrity special” begins before a quasi-Alpine backdrop, only this concrete: it is A small apartment in the iconic, ill-reputed “Pharaoh house” of Munich-Oberföhring is the new home of the Grande Dame of shallow entertainment. The sensation greed of the People-a Reporter, the wag quickly with the Pudl-issue, as the fallen Star: “Its funny Barbie, his life time companion, any so-called actress, which can move in like now, didn’t get to time, because – rollers.”

Olli Dittrich, not only the soul and the cast of Trixie Dörfel, but also of Peter Pudl, is so incredibly accurate in the Copy of celebrity posturing and TV practices, that you forget again and again, that as Olli Dittrich sits. All other Details are true as true. The camera angles are authentic, indiscreet; narrator, Marek Erhardt, known as the universal advertising voice from the Sky to the Media market, the excited Emo Tone of local reports perfectly; Cordula Stratmann is than snapped presenter. Only a few Gags such as a “Babylon Munich”-a joke or a Guido-Knopp-allusion to fizzle out.

Dittrich, without Dittsche-Bathrobe, but that is not only cute as a male making a raccoon, but downright dangerous. The nine to follow, comprehensive “TV-cycle” that began in 2013, together with Cordula Stratmann played, brilliant Episode “Breakfast television” – the Stratmann-appearance in the current episode is a delicious Reprise, dissected all of the formats of the Infotainment television, and in the bright spot light. It is exaggerated never the Obvious to the Absurd, what would be easy. Rather, we see how the idle, as the hollow madness knows how to dress up in this Setting as “Info”. Parody is a type term. According to the “TV-cycle” is the usual TV-the circus is just not more at ease to consume. Who lost to daily celebrity – and Talk-television, has the feeling of being in one of Christine Neubauer painted faces Version of the same to stare. Everything, as in Dittrich, only without the style.