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New victory of the “Oils April” skippered by Luis Perez Canal, and Jorge Pérez Canal as a tactician. The boat ourensano that competes for the Náutico de Vigo with this new victory becomes the great favorite of the Sea Regatta of Maeloc Rías Baixas, after having concluded the second stage between the ports of Combarro in Pontevedra and A Pobra do Caramiñal, in the south of the province of A Coruña. For Friday’s third stage, with destination Vigo, who is considered the “queen”, for their 30 miles. The first of the outings will be at twelve in the morning in the central zone of the Ria of Arousa.

a Little wind in the ria of Pontevedra by noon Wednesday, only 5 knots from the northwest, which caused the judges to go to Sanxenxo, in order for a party to find the wind, and on the other to shorten the one that was second stage. And managed the two goals, the first one because the wind came in at 87 knots, and on the other because the length is reduced by 4 miles: being on a 26 for the “regatta” and 18 for cruises”.

Strong fight in the Class ORC1 that has a excellent level, with six boats that are treated for you to you throughout the competition. In real victory was for the Swan 45 “Heave-Yes Too) with a time of 03.57.33, arriving at the Swan 42 of Julio Rodriguez and Gonzalo Araújo behind him To Pobra, being the third of the “Solventis” with the a coruña Malalo Bermúdez de Castro to the cane and fourth Pérez-Channel… with these records “Oils April” was to mature in offset, for in front of “Heave”, “Arroutado” which continues to do quite well, “Solventis”, “Magical” and the vizcaino biosphere reserve “Algapeba” from Iñigo Arriola.

In the ORC2 repeated victory “Bosch Service Solutions” (after deliberating the judges gave him the victory in Combarro), Ramón Ojea, followed by the “Antelope” of the Club Bay of Gijón and the “Cheek” of Fran Edreira Club Marítimo La Penela. The domain boat Canido is total: 2 marks for first two. Follow “Antelope” and “Cheek” with 5 being the pontevedra “Juancamaría 3” of Combarro with Perez Olmedo to cane the fourth with 8 points and the “Aldán” of the Military Naval School, the fifth with 10.

Between the Open the faster the spectacular Baltic 56 Quintero of Club de Mar San Amaro in a Coruña, which covered the journey in a 02.42.05, which however was not enough to win in his group, because at offset we exceeded “Txole” of the Monte Real Club de Yates de Baiona and “Salseiro” of Manuel Blanco Real Club Náutico de La Coruña. Fourth was the “Berlinguiño” of the marina of Sanxenxo and fifth the giant “Good Red Wine” the 65 feet of the marina of Portosin. The boat of the Yacht Club of Ignacio Sánchez Otaegui stands out to the front to score his second consecutive victory.

In the category of monotypes, and in the competing Platu 25, J70 and J80 is repeated the victory of “Freckles” with Willy Alonso to the cane, followed by the “Maija” Ignacio Zulueta and the “Pazo de Cea” Cristina Cominges.

The lack of wind late yesterday was complicating the fleet sailed slowly in search of A Pobra do Caramiñal. In those moments, and in the absence of the classifications of this second test were the numbers of Combarro. In the Class 5 ORC “Pico Norte” and “Orlando” occupying the first two places, while the third is the “Club Náutico de Boiro Komkalari” of the Boat Beluso pontevedra.

“Santiago, Rome Rías Baixas” had been the best of their lot in Combarro. The boat Beluso, has patron Iñaki Carbajo. The second place was for “Pillara” of the Nautical Sports of Riveira and the third of the “Squid 2” of Portonovo with Francisco Lusquiño to the cane. This category was full at the last minute, being able to confirm a new victory of the “James Rome ” Rías Baixas” away in the general with two points, followed in order by “Squid 2” and “Mar de Frades”, both with six points.

In the class 3 was “Deep Blue,” which dominated at the end of the first sleeve, a boat that patronea Vicente Cid of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo. He continued “The Mockery of Black” Juan Jose Martinez Silva of the Club Náutico Castrelo de Miño, and the “Alma do Mar” (which today was doing a great race) of Nite Enriquez, of the club Marítimo La Penela of Ferrolterra.

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