The past year was the warmest since the beginning of the nationwide records of almost 140 years, consumers have had to, therefore, less heat than in the previous year. The cost of energy for heating fell by 2018, an average of about six percent, such as the comparison portal Verivox said on Saturday. Of all the consumer is not benefited, however, While gas customers paid an average of 7.2 percent less, increased the expenditure of fuel oil customers by an average of 6.5 percent.

Gas and oil heating 2017, almost equal to expensive, apart the costs in the past year. A model household with gas heating paid Verivox, in the last year, an average of 1016 Euro (2017: 1095 euros). For Heating with Oil 1182 Euro (2017: 1110 Euro) were in the cut due. Heating oil customers had, on average, about 170 Euro to higher costs.