Who is watching Gianni art man when Decorating a Christmas tree, you will notice that a professional is at work: Nimble Hamburger fir dealer wrapped the small tree in front of him with a light chain, then he’s hanging at a uniform distance of more than 60 small balls on the branches. In Red and silver you want the tree to shimmer, as it was the wish of the customer.

The client – nurse Petra Steuber. After a knee surgery, she is still not back fully fit and has ordered your tree, therefore, online decoration, including. Now the 52-Year-old in her terraced house in Hamburg-Rahlstedt on the Sofa, holding dog lady Fiby on the lap and to see how the delivered fir-takes in your living room a festive appearance.

Many people put a personal touch to your Christmas tree – whether it’s a self-made straw star or a ball, and painted by the grandson. Not so Petra Steuber: their three children were allowed to choose the Tree decorations never. “Because I was always afraid that it doesn’t look good at the end,” she says, laughing. Now it’s supposed to be the perfect tree. The one and a half Meter high Nordmann fir from the Internet has Steuber 230 euros – the price includes delivery, decoration, as well as the disposal after the holidays are days.

business with pre-decorated trees

the wish tree is thriving in the virtual shopping cart click place, finished the business with Online trees is worth it for art’s company that he inherited from the father. Per season he will be sold according to his own statement, several Thousand Christmas trees, around a third of which over the Internet Shop, he has eight years ago opened.

Also to have a thriving business with the ready-decorated trees: the 300 pieces he has sold this year, says the dealer. The majority of companies represented, but the proportion of private customers, is rising steadily. Many of the buyers are older people or professionals and “wealthy, well-to-do customers,” who don’t want to pollute your car with pine needles.

The offer is no longer a rarity, numerous garden centres and DIY stores have the Christmas tree by a mouse click in your program. Fir trees, adorned ready when customers arrive, on the other hand are more of a niche.

a small family business in the Bavarian Kröning, at Landshut has discovered this for yourself: On your Homepage “geschmueckte-tanne.de” sell Daniela and Franz various of those this Winter for the first Time, decorated trees – in the variants “elegant”, “traditional” and “modern”. Unlike art man the Schiederers send your trees velvet jewellery in padded boxes in the Mail. They are also satisfied: The 150 trees that you had in your first range, are sold out.