The city of Offenbach is planning a high-rise district. It is to be built at the Kaiserlei in the immediate vicinity to Frankfurt. Are provided for five buildings with a maximum of 110 meters height. Built exclusively for offices. “We strive for a 100 percent office use,” said mayor Felix Schwenke (SPD), the German press Agency. In the planning of the city from the conversion of the huge Kaiserlei-roundabout benefits. The traffic roundabout will be replaced since the beginning of 2017 with an estimated cost of about € 40 million from train to train through crossings.

The Work on the most complex road construction project in Hesse is expected to be completed by the end of next year. Due to the elimination of the gyro Offenbach site adds. It is located directly on the highway 661, which connects the South of Hesse with the Taunus, and the transport axis between Offenbach and Frankfurt.

Multiple buyers

the new surfaces are to be drawn to the idea of the commune the first two high-rise buildings. “Construction law is available. By the end of 2019, beginning of 2020, the land could be established as a construction site,“ said Schwenke. For the Plots there were several interested parties that have already invested in ideas.

The city wants to sell the Area through a bidding contest, the other investors would be open. Schwenke, it is conceivable, however, to terminate the procedure immediately, “if someone comes with a Endmieter around the corner.”

A controversial project

As the third high-rise building-location the WHETHER a part of the city of Frankfurt belonging to the terrain. Frankfurt would like to build a multi-functional hall, more than 10,000 visitors. A decision on from. The project is for years between the two cities is controversial. The crux of the development of transport systems. This would have to run about Offenbach; the municipality is afraid of traffic jams, however.