An armed robber invaded a need in Groß-Gerau is a business for animal. According to police reports, the perpetrators on the evening of the 26. January in the Shop and straightened alternately a gun on the seller and a customer. Then he stuffed the money in his jacket pocket and fleeing on foot. An hour-long manhunt by the police was without success.

In Lampertheim has also attacked a robber with a gun, a game hall in the South Hesse, Lampertheim. The masked man forced early in the Morning of the 27. January’s gift of several hundred dollars, such as the police in Darmstadt reported the alone present employees of the store to out. After the fact, escaped, about 1.75 meters tall man unrecognized by foot. He should be between 20 and 25 years old.

In Bürstadt in the circle mountain road is a pizza delivery boy at the age of 24 years, on the night of the 27. January has been invaded. As the police said, robbed him of the two perpetrators, money, cell phone, Pizza and drinks. Came to RAID it, as the courier wanted to deliver an order. The armed robbers fled with their loot.