France is repeatedly rocked by a major terrorist attack: During an attack on the Strasbourg Christmas market, were killed on Tuesday night three people, as the French Minister of the interior, Christophe Castaner announced on early Wednesday morning. Twelve people were injured, according to his figures, six of them very hard. The police went from a terrorist Background.

According to Castaner, the alleged perpetrator was already offences in France and Germany has been condemned. The man was early Wednesday morning on the run. In the case of the escape, the attacker would have been delivered two Times exchange of fire with security forces, said Castaner. In the search for the 29-Year-old is currently 350 security forces were involved. This has been supported, among others, by two helicopters.

Castaner arrived in the night in Strasbourg. President, Emmanuel Macron, called in Paris for an emergency meeting. He consulted on early Wednesday morning with the Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, and defense Minister Florence Parly. “The solidarity of the entire Nation for Strasbourg, our victims and their families,” wrote the Macron on Twitter. France is made for years of an Islamist terror series. So far almost 250 people have been ripped from the life.

The alleged perpetrator should be arrested, according to a media report on Tuesday morning. As the station France Info reported, citing police sources, he was not at home. According to the report, accused the 29-Year-old attempted murder. In the case of the search of his apartment hours before the shooting grenades to be found, such as the transmitter and the newspaper “Le Parisien” reported on Tuesday evening.

The Suspects had opened, according to the Prefecture against 20 p.m. near the Christmas market of Alsace-Metropole the fire. Castaner is not closer described the exact scene of the crime and said the perpetrators have spread in three different locations in the city of “Terror.” Between 20 and 21 o’clock, he had delivered twice a firefight with security forces in the Patrol. Probably the radicalized man had been injured before his escape from patrolling soldiers, reported the AFP news Agency, citing the police. Anti-terrorist specialists, the Paris Prosecutor’s office took over the investigation. The investigation was passed to, among other things, the domestic secret service, the DGSI.

the Strasbourg city centre and the EU Parliament on lockdown

large parts of the city centre of Strasbourg were closed off for hours. People were called to leave the city centre in direction of North and to not go in the direction of the Southeast
part of the town of Neudorf. There had been a search after the fugitive suspects. The police called on the citizens to remain calm and to follow the instructions of the security forces. Residents should stay home.