as of Friday, the thirteenth. Who is superstitious, who until the day of the accident’ is over. Those who are not so superstitious, it may be quietly counting down to the weekend. However, in the history of all the terrible disasters happening in this one off stage. A quick overview:

Deadly cyclone

On Friday the 13th, november 1970, it took a deadly hurricane all over Chittagong, a seaport in Bangladesh. Estimated to have dropped during the storm, between 300,000 and 500,000 lives.

in the disaster, even as one of the most deadly in modern history.


On Friday, the 13th of October, 1972, and crashed a plane full of rugby players in the Chilean mountains. Twenty or so passengers, overleefdede the crash, but rescue operations had to wait. In order to survive, the remaining passengers and the bodies of their dead comrades behind you.

Finally, it would be more than seventy days before any rescue came. Sixteen people were Andesvliegramp they need to survive. The occurrence was a source of inspiration for many of the books and the movies. It was one of the most horrifying air disasters of all time.

click HERE to READ MORE. The most horrifying aviation disaster to ” of all time: the 72-day survival by the death of friends and food:


On Friday, september 13, 1996, and died of rapper Tupac Shakur at a hospital in Las Vegas. He had been for six days in an induced coma after he was several times struck by bullets during a shoot-out.

the Costa Concordia

On Friday, January 13 2012 and capsized, the cruise ship Costa Concordia, the Tuscan coast. More than thirty people lost their lives.

The ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino, was later convicted of the murder because he was in the ship, and left before everyone else was evacuated it was. He was given a prison sentence of sixteen years of age.

Photo: AP < / p> Attack in Paris

on Friday november 13, 2015: terrorist attacks in Paris, france. More than 130 people were killed, and more than 350 others were injured.

The attacks were later claimed by the terreurbeweging of the Islamic State. In France, a three-day national mourning was declared.

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