Ypres –

Thursday night at 00.26 hours, Fire brigade, Corner called to an automatic fire alarm system in a company at Rozendaalstraat to the Atmosphere. During the night there was a message that the fire covered.

The fire broke out shortly after midnight in the Rozendaalstraat in the Atmosphere. There is a wafelfabriek Dimabel is located. The fire department of the zone in Flanders fields was, at first, a phone call for a automatic fire alarm, but by the time the emergency services are on-the-spot came up it turned out to be a big brand to go for.

The fire was so intense that the squads in the building, checked in, had to let it out. More than sixty fire-fighters, four autopompen, four tankers, and three ladder carts were being used.

There was no one in the company, and no one was injured. Dimabel is completely burned out. The neighbouring buildings on the industrial estate and could be exempted. It is the day nageblust.

The company has spent more than twenty years of organic, sugar-free, and fairtradewafels. The company was founded in 1997, and was moved in 2009 from the Tower to the Atmosphere. Due to the fire, and eighteen staff members are technically unemployed.

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