Odile Vuillemin: 3 indiscretions about the actress


Odile Vuillemin is the poster for L’homme de nos vies, the new M6 series broadcast this Thursday, November 24 at 9:10 p.m. She plays the role of a woman named Camille whose life will change when the man she loves disappears overnight after emptying his bank account. She will discover that the latter is actually a crook who uses his charm to trap women.

For several years, Odile Vuillemin has been playing roles in successful series and TV movies on the small screen. The 46-year-old actress has notably been seen in He is she, A perfect man, Born under silence, Between two mothers, Why I live, the TV movie retracing the life of Grégory Lemarchal or even The Emprise, fiction for which she has won the Best Actress award at the 2016 Monte-Carlos Television Festival for her role as a battered wife. But it is her role in the Profiling series that she really made herself known to the general public. For six seasons, she played Chloé Saint-Laurent, a brilliant psychologist specializing in criminology who helps the DPJ (Judicial Police Division) to solve the most disturbing investigations. In the cinema, she notably appeared in the films Le Doux amour des hommes by Jean-Paul Civeyrac, Podium by Yann Moix and A Long Sunday Engagement by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

Before becoming an essential actress in the French audiovisual landscape, Odile Vuillemin could have had a completely different career…

Born on July 8, 1976 in Châlons-en-Champagne, Odile Vuillemin spent her childhood in the Marne with her four sisters, including a twin named Sophie. In an interview with Télé 7 Jours, the actress revealed that she swapped places with her sister for exams when they were younger. Unfortunately, his scheme did not yield the expected result. “My sister did my philosophy sheets, I got 3. And I did her language sheets, she got 14. It’s ugly… Another time, at an English oral, that had to relax the examiner, he made us pass together. We had the same note, “she said. With the exception of her twin sister, Odile Vuillemin reveals little about her private life. However, the actress revealed in an interview for Here’s in 2014 that she has no children. “I have no children but I have a great relationship with them, because I believe that I have kept my child’s soul. I have seven nephews and nieces”, she also precise.

Before becoming an actress, Odile Vuillemin considered becoming an ethnologist. After a year of preparatory class at HEC, she turned to sociology studies, with courses in psychology and foreign languages. Along the way, she discovered a passion for the theater. She decides to stop her studies and enrolls in the Simon course. “What I learned during this course serves me for my job as an actress, which came about a bit on a misunderstanding, without explanation,” she confided in an interview for the magazine Gala.

Between two shoots, Odile Vuillemin takes advantage of her free time to satisfy her passion for travel. On September 1, the actress published a book called Latitudes in which she recounts her solo adventures in Iceland, Greenland and Indonesia. She worked three years on writing this book and drew a photo exhibition from it. She notably confided to France 3 that she would see her travels in series adapted. “I really thought about it throughout the writing,” she said. “I think I designed it like that … I would see a Bridget Jones series!” she laughed.

In an interview with Ciné Télé Revue, Odile Vuillemin reveals that her journey at the foot of the Eqi glacier in Greenland could have ended badly. “I thought several times that I was going to die,” she said. During her expedition, the actress and her group had to cross the moraine several times, an extremely tricky layer of rocky debris. A few hours after its passage, a piece of glacier broke away, causing a tsunami measuring ten meters. This one crashed on the pack ice where she was standing just before. “I was as atomized inside as the nature around me,” said the actress when she learned of this event.