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The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) been detected, differences of up to 43% on the electrical consumption of 24 fridges combi with freezer no Frost , which translates in savings of up to 18 euros per year for the most energy-efficient models and more than 200 euros over its useful life.

This problem is observed both in the more expensive models as in the cheapest, according to the OCU, that warns you that the electric bill can become more expensive even more if you do not observe the minimum distances of separation with the walls and the furniture of the kitchen, if it is introduced to hot foods or if it is overloaded.

this way, in front of 774 watts per hour a day consumed by the Electrolux EN3790MOX of energy class A+ +, others just spend 441 watts per hour per day, and among them he cited the Liebherr CNPEL-371, which, in addition to its low power consumption, noted for the “excellent” ability of the refrigerator “could be improved” their lack of a system no-frost in refrigerator and the level of noise and vibrations.

Next to him, included the Hisense RB 438N4GX3, one of the cheaper models and efficient and that account with system no-frost in both the freezer and in the refrigerator even though, according to OCU, I should “improve” its freezing capacity and its isolation.

the OCU insists that the power consumption of the refrigerator, the appliance that is more energy spent in the home, it also depends on your installation and the use you make of it.

therefore, advisable to install it away from sources of heat such as the oven or a sunny window and leave space around it for air to circulate. Do not lower too much the temperature of the thermostat: enough 5ºC in the refrigerator and -18 ° C in the freezer; defrost it once in a while because three millimeters of frost in the freezer increases consumption by 30% and do not put hot food in the fridge, and much less in the freezer,, nor leave the door open a long time.