The case was important for the people in the social media in the past week as only a few others: Because a customer on Twitter with the words “What to so had a shit” about a delayed delivery complained had burst to an employee of the parcel service DHL the collar. “The only shit here is you Crying,” tweeted the DHL employees. That’s not enough. At the end of his Tweets, he calls on the customer: “And now, back to mommy’s breast!”

Nadine Bös

editor in the business, responsible for the “profession and Chance”.

F. A. Z. Twitter

It is a wave of reactions in social media, an apology from the company Concerned and the announcement of the package service to consider, with a view to the abusive become employees of consequences followed.

on The Internet expressed but a number of Twitterers understanding for the employees who had apparently lost the nerve. Because activities in complaint management are hard. “Employees in this area keep actually, in most cases, the countenance,” says the psychologist Katrin string. “But the human resources are also limited here. It can happen in exceptional cases that the proverbial last straw.“

string is the Deputy Director of the Institute for psychology and threat management in Darmstadt, Germany. The research organisation is concerned specifically with prevention concepts for the everyday professional life of various professions. The difficult Complainant in the wide range of Professions – from nurses can be up to the clerk’s Desk – exhausting, is actually nothing New. But according to the string that the social media phenomenon. “Customers in a digital world often have a high Claim and you want to fast and be well informed – that is understandable,” she says. “As the Online communication has been developed, but partially understandable.” Because of all the frustration will carved “into the keys”, since you would not be exceeded “limits”. All the have to do “a lot with the anonymity”. Logically – after all, who complains online about something, doesn’t see how his opponent reacts, but is only typed phrases on his screen. The communication is time delayed, no one needs to be particularly quick-witted. This applies for both sides. Not only the Complainant remains anonymous, but also the professional complaints Manager. “The threshold, simply just yell back, how to get yourself yelled at, can be reduced,” says prank.

The threshold decreases – on both sides

conversely, the threshold for customers but to become low, to complain at all. String distinguishes between normal Complainants, difficult Complainants, grumblers. The latter log in to your over a long time span, again and again, treading often the legal action and pursue your concerns through the courts. Complainant report rather selectively. For all applicable: Previously, you had to roll often, law books, or to the lawyer are going to find out, whether you could ever have right. Also it took a number of preliminary research, an interest group is to connect. “Today, a few clicks are enough,” says prank. Figures show that the phenomenon of the more difficult or even violent Complainant is limited to the Online world: In the year 2017, the statutory accident insurance counted 7295 accidents due to human violence, attacks or threats by non-employees.

working with customer contact, are exposed to frequent verbal attacks, advises a prank, to make sufficient breaks and to talk about difficult cases with colleagues. Useful could be also to not conceive a place in the complaint management so that the employees stand five days a week and eight hours a day in direct contact with the customer, but “the activities rotate”.