Robert Körösi want to know: Today will be a step Board with two floors. Three minutes long, it rises up and down again. Beads of sweat form on his forehead. He stops, Show – and medium-feels fingers on his left wrist, his pulse and counts to 60. In the blue sports shirt he shortly afterwards on the treadmill, first on a straight line, with slope. He is breathing, but stay tuned. To Extend it occurs in the pedals of the Bicycle Ergometer. “That was fun today,” says the 48-year-old Hanauer, then, and wipes the sweat from her forehead.

Körösi came as seven more participants for the first of two fitness tests to the hospital Sachsenhausen. The participants stand in a circle and tell the story of their suffering history as a bariatric patient, disease, Isolation and Depression. “Today, it’s about self-respect,” says Faris Abu-Naaj, Co-Director of the obesity self help group of the hospital. Together with his proteges Abu-Naaj wants to run in may, the Camino de Santiago part of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. The Camino project, Abu called-Naaj, for the first time in the last year.

Stated goal: Santiago de Compostela

Supported by the hospital Sachsenhausen, the wolfart clinic in Munich and the University hospital in Zurich, will compete in this year 25 patients, the trip to Spain. A group starts in Porto and runs for 258 km, the weaker group is running only about half of the distance from Tui. Despite different starting points, the arrival in Santiago de Compostela on 18. In may, the European obesity day, the declared aim of us.

Abu-Naaj looks at Mark Alexander. In 2018, he ran together with 15 other participants on the way of St. James. The Hiking boots he had run previously, and a small stone pushed him in the Shoe. Alexander went further still and ran a huge bubble. Today, he has a big scar. “I’m telling you this because it is just such trifles that you this journey will be immensely difficult,” says Abu-Naaj. With a serious expression, he looks in the round.

mindfulness and fitness test

Since 2001, Abu-Naaj self is fighting against the disease. 208 kg he weighed at the time. To date, he has lost more than 100 kilograms of his body weight countless diets and surgeries, UPS and Downs. “You have forgotten how to be mindful with you and your bodies deal with it,” he says. This is a classic pattern in obesity patients.