The Podcast “USA: decision-making in 2020” – Obama rises in the RingDie animosity between Trump and Obama has escalated into an open armed. Welcome to another episode of “decision-2020″. Christof Münger and Martin Kilian12 Kommentare12″Many of them don’t give even to have to Say” Ex-President Barack Obama criticized the leaders of the government Trump because of their policy in the Corona-crisis.Photo: Reuters

In Washington, a new word is doing the rounds: “Obama gate”. And who invented hats? Donald Trump, of course. In reference to Richard Nixon’s Watergate under the Obama administration’s criminal acts. Now, however, Barack Obama has responded and Trumps dealing with the Corona-crisis criticized.

That presidents and Ex-presidents to criticize each other, is unusual. On the contrary, In the exclusive Club of the US President is actually good. Even if you are not a member of the same party. So Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush’s friendship are now connected to each other, even though they were politically opposing positions. In contrast, the conflict between Trump and Obama is escalating just.

Why, and what that means for the election campaign, about Christof Münger and Martin Kilian to discuss a further consequence of the Tamedia-Podcasts “decision-2020”.

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