the GARDEN of the Netherlands to stop the provision of air travel from the Netherlands to Paris, france. The netherlands, which is a holiday in the French capital on the books, from the autumn of 2020 and for the plane, and the train or take the car.

The tour operator said this would show the seriousness of the situation, in terms of reducing CO2 emissions”. TUI Belgium offered does not travel to Paris, france. “He said, after all, no time-saving to books, what it sounds like.

Now, the tourists who are in the GARDEN of the Netherlands have been made from Schiphol amsterdam airport, fly to Paris. How many of the people that do want to GARDEN don’t say anything. “It’s going to be hundreds and hundreds of people every year,” said a spokeswoman. GUY is flying with its own aircraft on our way to Paris, but rent the sites of other companies.

over The next few years will SEC the Netherlands, more emphasis is put on a train to London and Berlin, but that city is still called as well. The company considers that considerable investment needs to be in the “faster, better, and more cost effective connections to rail”.

for More on TUI’s CEO, OASIS Group, Less aircraft to Europe for targets to pick up” a Woman sues tour operator TUI after the “nightmare vacation” in the hospital Family to see the holiday for the second year in a row, to fall into the water due to baggage handling problems at the airport in Zaventem: It may still not be back where you were?” Brussels Airlines and Tui do not claim compensation after the issue is with the baggage at the Brussels Airport