Is that you, as a nurse, not a career, in the same armor, have to stay here, it is still not known. With the background and work experience are completely different, “atypical” features, and while there are still a passion for caring for the fellow man and there are built there. That is shown by these employees, in ZNA (Hospital Network Antwerp).

Bruno, The Ghost, was born in 1998 as a registered nurse and has worked for more than a decade in the emergency department. Have an interest in it, and drove him in that direction. After the first jobervaring as an IT consultant for a company in the health care industry, he came in the ZNA, where he is now the team to manage which is engaged in the acquisition, development and management of all applications, including the implementation of the electronic health record.

“The it-narrative, a complex story, in which the knowledge gained in a complex environment of a hospital and yet, it comes in handy. The combination of a strong business acumen, with deep interest, therefore, in which the direction of prospects. I am doing this job since the age of 2.5 years, with a lot of fun, and I’m also still working on the same goal: achieving high-quality health care.”

in June, Bianca, Paste it on to a new challenge, and started it. If implementatiebegeleider supporting the critical services provided by ZNA Stuivenberg, in preparation for the move to the new hospital, ZNA Cadiz.

“I’ve got 9.5 years as a registered nurse in the intensive care department at ZNA Stuivenberg work. In the course of the years I was able to find out that there’s also a lot of functions that you could provide support so that the patient is in good care. You can reach out, and raised my interest. I’m glad I’m in this position, ben left the house. I am with the services provided to their operations to optimise in the run-up to the move. In this way, I can take my eyes widen.”