Who hasn’t dreamed of knowing how many past lives he had lived? This mystery may seem insoluble, however, there are very simple calculations that would make it possible to obtain this figure in just a few additions.

This technique is based on numerology, a divinatory art studying the sacred meaning of numbers. Indeed, in the same way as astrology with the stars, numerology would make it possible to obtain indications on one’s future but also on one’s past, one’s destiny or quite simply the character and personality of each one.

So, if this study of numbers can sometimes be complex and requires a certain level of knowledge, there are some things that are easy to determine on your own by following simple calculations.

Indeed, in many cases, it is enough to have only some information such as the date of birth to be able to determine different things such as the number of lives or the number of previous lives.

For Isabelle Cerf, Medium and author of Oracles of Isa interviewed by our colleagues from Auféminin, “When we talk about previous life, we talk about the principle of reincarnation. Our soul is incarnated from life to life, to be able to be in an energy positive evolution, learning, evolution and experience. It is born within its source, which has no matter and no notion of linear time, then it is she who decides to incarnate on Earth for different experiences.”

But how do you calculate your number of past lives?

To know his exact number of past lives, just take his date of birth as a basis and do some simple calculations. For example, for a person born on March 12, 1995, you must add all the digits making up this date.

Thus, the calculation to be made will be 1 2 (day of birth) 3 (month of birth) 1 9 9 5 (year of birth). The result obtained is 30.

To get the number of past lives, all you have to do now is add these last two digits to end up with only one. 3 0 = 3. A person born on March 12, 1995 would therefore have lived 3 previous lives according to numerology.

But this number can also mean something else about you.

If the result obtained during the first phase of the calculation is equal to 11, 22 or 33, it is not necessary to add them because the result is quite telling, they are master numbers.

Author and numerologist Tracee Dunblazier explained to Bustle magazine that “You can always reduce everything to a single number, but the master number has a more powerful meaning because it represents all the universal dynamics that participate in your life and your destiny”, reports Auféminin. .

So you can now know the number of past lives that preceded this one. From now on, the study of the result obtained should also allow you to obtain more information on these past lives but also on your future thanks to the mystical art of numerology.