promises in Spite of the growing uncertainty in the world economy: in The year 2019, for the majority of the Federal citizens to be financially a good year. The wages of most workers are likely to increase given the largely bereft labour market. Also, seniors can anticipate a tangible increase in pension benefits.

the economic experts from Roland Döhrn from the Rhine-Westphalian Institute for economic research (RWI) is already determined: “The majority of consumers will have more money in the wallet.” This assessment is supported also from the autumn report the leading German economic research institutes. Thereafter, the actual monthly earnings of the Deal in 2019 are likely to rise by around 3.1 percent.

This is significantly above the expected rate of price increase of 2.0 percent. Low benefit-wage earners, the legal minimum wage of the year, currently 8,84 Euro rises to 9,19 euros per hour.

in Addition, the state holds back the access to the additional money earned, at least. The income limits for all tax rates will rise in 2019 to 1.84 per cent. Thus, the Inflation should be compensated. The basic allowance in the income tax increases in addition, for Single on 9168 Euro – an increase of 168 euros compared to the previous year. For Married couples double the amount. However, not only the workers are likely to have in 2019, more money in your wallet.

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the approximately 21 million pensioners can expect in the summer, with an increase of their remuneration by more than three per cent, as the Chairman of the Board of the pension Annelie colorful Bach, revealed a few weeks ago. Exactly how the increase fails, however, decide only in the spring, when the Figures of the wage statistics is available.

In East Germany pensions will rise by 0.7 percentage points more than in the West, because the Ostrenten be adjusted a further step to the West pensions. Mothers and their children in front of the 1. January was born in 1992, can look forward to thanks to the mothers ‘ pension, II a little more money.

a whole range of other new regulations should have a positive impact on the financial position of citizens. The reduction in the contribution to unemployment insurance from 3 to 2.5 percent, and the return to the equal sharing of contributions to the insurance Fund between employers and employees. This will, in the future, divided the more than 56 million Fund members alone number in addition to contribution equally between them and their employers. Workers and pensioners will save approximately 6.9 billion euros a year.