General Hospital Shakeup: Liz and Finn Splitting Up to Find New Love Interests

General Hospital fans, brace yourselves for a major shakeup in the romance department. After months of ups and downs, it seems like the end is near for Liz and Finn’s relationship. The couple has faced numerous challenges, from dark secrets to external temptations, and now it looks like they are finally calling it quits.

Fans have been rooting for Liz and Finn to make it work, but the odds have been stacked against them. With Finn battling his demons and Liz struggling to move past her own mistakes, the couple has reached a breaking point. And with a new woman entering the picture, it seems like the final nail in the coffin for “Fiz.”

But fear not, General Hospital viewers, as this breakup may pave the way for new love interests for Liz and Finn. Liz could find herself rekindling an old flame with Jason, while Finn may have a chance to reconnect with his ex, Anna. With potential storylines involving Valentin and Alexis on the horizon, the future looks bright for these two characters.

As the dust settles on Liz and Finn’s relationship, fans can look forward to new romantic possibilities and unexpected twists in the world of General Hospital. Stay tuned for more drama and intrigue as the story unfolds.