on Sunday we are switching to winter hours and will start with will be only next Monday, the bins have a job: if you have a mechanical clock or watch you, and turn not back, but forward. You can set the watch to always be shut down, and an hour’s wait.

finally, The gear train of a mechanical watch or clock, it is very fragile. It is made out to be in only one direction (forward) to going. If you turn the clock back, you run the risk of the one and the other one to force the issue. In the worst case scenario, you complete the action item.

What, then, is it? You will need to set your watch for eleven hours in the forward direction. Did you have a mechanical watch with a hint of a date? Then you have a whole month in the forward direction. You can also an hour, it shut down. If you watch it with a battery, you won’t have to worry and if you have the time to do an hour back.

READ ON FOR MORE. Exhibition will have your hands full, and after transition in winter time: “roll-back? there are pieces of that”