Fall is the season to start bundling up on the living room armchair. Want a good series or film from the Netflix catalog? Here are some ideas.

Virgin River is a reassuring, calm and comforting series, where mutual aid and optimism are activated when disaster strikes. At $3 million per episode, the equivalent of the hour-long budget of The Night Laurier Gaudreault Woke Up, Virgin River is the least expensive television anxiolytic to produce. And the prescription is automatically renewed every year.

Still on Netflix, I wolfed down the second season of Selling the OC in one go, the little beach sister of Selling Sunset. Honestly, this romantic-real estate reality show is consumed like a bag of chips. Quickly and with great remorse.

What a great discovery this Swedish miniseries Barracuda Queens from Netflix is, halfway between the film The Bling Ring by Sofia Coppola and a teen series a la Euphoria. As Barracuda Queens only has six 30-minute episodes, it can be devoured, in English or French, in a single evening. Excellent entertainment.

Painkiller, available in French and English, can be swallowed in one sitting, despite the irritants that punctuate the six one-hour episodes. It’s easier to give up when the subject is so strong.

The eight episodes of the second act of the Heartstopper series are overflowing with tenderness and sweetness, which contrasts with the ultra trashy trend currently running through series aimed at teenagers. Coming out occupies a significant portion of the plot of Heartstopper 2. Should you give in to popular pressure and come out immediately, or follow your own pace, even if it means staying in the closet longer? These tensions are approached with great sensitivity.

The performance of the three actors allows They Cloned Tyrone not to be a farcical film. John Boyega (the most recent Star Wars trilogy, The Woman King) plays Fontaine with a pent-up rage that he only briefly releases. This restraint is in total opposition to Jamie Foxx (Ray, Django Unchained) and Teyonah Parris (Chi-Raq, If Beale Street Could Talk) who form a pimp and hilarious duo. Their incessant insults, their countless references to popular culture, their Olympic repartee. They are merciless, but vulnerable. Very beautiful compositions.

Diane Morgan stole every scene in After Life, this comedy by Ricky Gervais in which she played Kath, the eccentric office worker and painkiller of Tony (Ricky Gervais). This is why we let ourselves be tempted by Cunk on Earth (in French, Planète Cunk), a parody documentary series in which the British actress, comedian and author reprises her character of Philomena Cunk, a silly and poorly prepared host and commentator. Throughout five episodes, she interviews experts on world history, armed with silly – but hilarious – questions like: “Was the invention of writing significant or was it a flash in the pan, like rap metal? »