Not only does Vanden Borre, also, Mogi Bayat back to Anderlecht


the eye-catching encounter at Anderlecht last night. Anthony Vanden Borre (31) it was striking bargains with the Mogi Bayat. A pure coincidence. Van den ban, after three years without an official match was back and the promises of his second comeback. Bayat came to negotiate, Trebel, although the RSCA since the Clean Hands, not like there are links to Mogi.

In the field of communications, you will need Anderlecht to learn. One day, after the defeat against royal Antwerp, it dawned on Anthony Vanden Borre on the oefencomplex. The play appeared to be tight, and passed the physical test. Van may be for the next few months, unpaid, in order to improve the U21 Craig Bellamy. The vast majority of their fans dreamed of a comeback, “the best right back in Belgium”. Be smart play.

And, who knows, it can be a problem. With Vincent Kompany, Floribert Ngalula and Rodyse Munienge have Vanden Borre, three childhood friends in the coaching staff, who have vested faith in him. Kompany is not only the architect of this comeback. As Vercauteren, the son of the other Van-catchers, Frankie Vercauteren, and is now head of physical therapy at RSCA. During his last comeback, worked with Vanden Borre also, along with him. “You come home to a familiar environment, it is good for me”, said Vanden Borre. “I expect nothing, but hope that I will be with the club for something in return. Also, because of my experience and share it with the young people. The only thing that I can do at my age, it is hard to work with.”

now, Anderlecht are going to be assured that the Cbd in the long term, such a contract can provide. His last official match dates back from the 4th of november 2016 in Montpellier, but soon it may be Vanden Borre will also play matches up with the promises. “If Anthony is once again at the top of the class, you can’t go, we will give him the best facilities,” said the manager, Michael Verschueren. “However, with the promise that he has A heart, it will be able to connect to it. He must be a great work. No pressure, but at constant quality.

Trebel at the Club?

Vanden Borre started out as a six-year-old for Anderlecht and won five titles. In 2013, he’s been out of it not to be the 2014 world cup to pick it up. To be successful with the CHAMPIONSHIP? More recent attempts at a revival, with TP Mazembe and Club Brugge turned out to be a damp squib.

it’s Vanden Borre yesterday in Anderlecht, Mogi Bayat, on the arm was for the sake of the photographers, was well-timed. They greeted each other as friends, even though they don’t have anything to do with each other. Anderlecht will prefer not to be associated with the former, but Mogi was talking about his player in Adrien Trebel. There were some attempts to have the Frenchman at Al Ahli in Egypt and to send it in. Rene Weiler is the coach and the transfer market is still open, but the Trebel did not want to sit down. Last night, he was playing for the first time for 90 minutes with the U21 against OH Leuven in a 5-1 win). Due to the suspension of the Sambi-Lokonga, and to the injury of the Zulj, it was immediately speculated that the Trebel then on Sunday you can play a game against Club Brugge. At OHL, he was already in as a pure defensive midfielder.

for More on Mogi Bayat Mogi Bayat continues to be omnipresent in the Belgian football: “What I’m doing, you’re not going to,” And the first official sportmakelaar in Flanders is the… Mogi Bayat facility news. Club Brugge seems to be Nakamba to sell, as an African entrant at the Anderlecht and the Operation Clean your hands: for the time being, with 21 of the strafbank, but for those who will be of any felony suspect in the voetbalschandaal?