Not-long-enough – Spirig’s third OlympiamedailleDie 38 wants to be in Tokyo-year-old triathlete extends her career at least until next year’s Play. Three reasons led to the decision.Monica Schneider 0 KommentareSie power for at least a year more: triathlete Nicola Spirig continued her career.Photo: KeystoneDie winner of the gold medal of the summer games of London 2012 want to win in Tokyo in 2021 a third Olympic medal.Photo: keystone Sutton really wanted to come back in 2012 after the Olympic victory in London, but also remains Spirig at least until 2021 will receive.Photo: Keystone/Alexandra Wey1 / 5

in 2004 in Athens, her Olympic Premiere, 2021 is Nicola Spirigs be Derniere to the Play. The Corona pandemic has (like all athletes), the original plans, the postponement of the Olympic games in Tokyo to the coming year, Spirig, however, as an advantage: “The preparation after the birth of Alexis 2019 until this summer would have been tight. So I now have a year more time, and most of all, I’m free, what are the competitions I ride until then, the best,” she says. Spirig is qualified for Tokyo, you need a few more points to this “very very sure”.

For the decision, the fifth games, and to Gold (2012 in London) and silver (in Rio in 2016), a third medal to strive for, there were three questions and answers is crucial: “I Am motivated enough, and I don’t have enough energy, even in the Winter, when it is so pleasant? What this means for the family, for husband Reto and the three children? And: the Team with coach Brett Sutton, who coached me for 15 years, together?”

“I was very touched and surprised.”

Nicola Spirig on the good conversations with your environment

Spirig has want after the postponement of the games take time to talk to all the Affected conversations. “I was very touched and surprised by how positive this turned out, how motivated were you all”, she says. Sutton, who had actually want to the day after her Olympic victory in London eight years ago to withdraw, commented on the decision so: “she keeps me still of it. For Switzerland, your moving forward is very good news, for me less.” He said, laughing, as he added: “I had a lot of great athletes, but it is unique.”

Spirig, the Corona will use-conditional additional year, in order to make further progress on the wheel – “I’m not going to go down the Fastest out of the water, so I have to close after the gap and the opponent, if possible, even tired to drive it”. You can recuperate in the past few months, an inflammation of the hip flexor, “it would have been with the traditional schedule is difficult,” she believes. If possible, you will participate in the next few weeks, the first athletics meeting is planned on 20. June a Start-up to over 3000 m in miles.

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