The Russian media oversight Roskomnadsor has accused the American companies Facebook and Twitter, breaches of Russian law and “administrative procedures” against the two social networks launched. Both groups had provided “no specific information about the location of data of Russian users on the territory of the Russian Federation”, – said Roskomnadsor-in-chief Alexander Sharov, the Interfax news Agency on Monday.

The Supervisory authority had threatened the company repeatedly with a ban in Russia, you should not abide by a law from the year 2014, the Social networks are obliged to store the personal data of Russian users within Russia. Both Facebook as well as Twitter would have a “time frame” within which you wanted to store the corresponding data, there appeared to be Sharov.

Russia hope that both companies will meet their “obligations” soon, said Roskomnadsor-speaker Vadim Ampelonski the state broadcaster Russia 24. “In other words, it will be imposed a penalty.”

Russia increases pressure

critics fear that the law of 2014, the Russian users are exposed to the risk that their information can be tapped by the secret services of the country. Russia had increased the pressure on the popular Social networks as last. Representatives of the opposition accuse the government of wanting the most important Forum for political debate and Organize protests, to Silence.