in europe, Koen Naert on december 1, participated in the Fukuoka International Marathon in Japan. In the context of the Olympic Games in Tokyo and wanted to Naert for a marathon in Japan, and ran. The native of bruges had rather already been able to to take on the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Doha, due to the expected heat.

If you should be not a surprising choice. The marathon has a long and rich tradition, and it is, after Tokyo, the most well-known in Japan. If you offer also the possibility for a fast time: I worked as a cabin belonging to sondre Moen was also a year in 2017, with 2u05’48”, a European record, with a besttijd that is now in the hands of Mo Farrah.

in June, focus Naert is a year-long on preparation for the Olympic Games. To run a marathon at the end of the year, and it is a fast half-marathon in the spring, and fit it in this time. That is, in Japan, is a nice bonus.

you can be Ready for the olympic year,

It’s also the perfect time to Naert for his preparations to continue to do so. “It was 2u07’ in Rotterdam, I had a really good time at work, but not tussendoel, in order to charge the battery. During the summer months, there is not really much of a choice in the races and the training sessions began to drag on. Due to the combination of fatigue due to the investment I have made in the direction of the next year, and I have some of the physical ailments suffered, that my preparations were interrupted. Strain in my left foot and the achilles tendon, which opspeelt, and have made sure that I was forced into as an alternative to the work needed to be done. In terms of the timing it self is not better covered. They will, most likely, have a small effect on my preparation for Japan, but it will take my body a good come in the direction of Tokyo by the year 2020. It will be a very difficult year, and the famine, and the motivation is huge,” said Naert.

Naert try this time by way of trial run for the Olympic Games. Naert currently resides in the Sierra Nevada (Spain), and then the normal stage starting in the Mammoth Lakes (United States).