Nostalgia: 12 cartoons that marked your childhood


Cartoons are loved by children… Whether you were born in the 1960s or 1980s, they are present in the memories of those whose families owned a television.

The Knights of the Zodiac, Albatross, The Delajungle Family… These are just as many series from the 1980s that have entered into the legend of the genre. Others are still on some channels today, and have sometimes been revisited, in particular to modernize the designs. This is how certain cartoons have been adapted again, such as The Smurfs or Maya the bee… indicates the media Télé Star.

25 years ago, a program that particularly affected the children of the 1980s was closed: The Dorothée club. This TF1 program ceased to be broadcast in 1997. It had caused a lot of excitement, according to Le Point. His stoppage was “an earthquake” for the fans as well as the team members. “There was a mixture of sadness, emotion, tears in her eyes” explained at the time Jacky, one of Dorothée’s acolytes.

Cartoons, were they better before? What is certain is that the nostalgia of our tender days plays a big role. When viewing contemporary cartoons again, the comparison is inevitable. It is clear that the graphics, the storyline and the voice acting have often improved over time.

Even if it is not always easy to appreciate a “rebooted” program when you are used to the original version… You still have to remember that. Will you be able to recognize these 12 cartoons made in the 1960s in the slideshow below?