Northvolt takes legal action against community liaison members for sharing confidential information

Northvolt has announced that it will pursue legal action against members of its community liaison committee if they share information deemed “confidential” by the company. The final version of the “commitment” that the committee members must sign has been obtained by Le Devoir. This committee is set up by Northvolt and is expected to meet several times a year during the implementation phase of the industrial complex in Montérégie.

The revised version of the document emphasizes the confidentiality of the information that may be shared with the committee members, as well as the confidentiality of the agreement itself. Northvolt claims to have revised the content of the document based on feedback received. The company states that confidential information will be clearly identified before being shared with members for active participation in improving the project.

Failure to comply with the confidentiality agreement may result in consequences, as outlined in the document that committee members must sign. In more serious or repeated cases, legal action may be taken by Northvolt. Mediator Marie-Ève Maillé, specializing in environmental impact assessment and social acceptability of major projects, expresses her concern over the threat of legal action against committee members.

Maillé questions the company’s judgment in determining what information is considered confidential and the necessity of such measures. She emphasizes the importance of preserving the role of the committee as a platform for open dialogue and collaboration. Northvolt justifies the establishment of the committee as a means to integrate with the community in a transparent and cooperative manner.

The company aims to address differing opinions and arguments raised during committee meetings in a synthesis report produced afterward. Tact, the communications agency representing Northvolt, will be responsible for documenting the discussions and preparing the meeting summaries.

In light of the authorization to destroy wetlands granted on January 8, Northvolt has submitted a request for modification on February 4. The company proposes pumping groundwater from the contaminated site for construction preparations, with plans to analyze and manage the water in accordance with environmental standards.

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