Non-places in the city – Just away from here in Zurich, many photogenic sites has undisputed. For once, we imagine, but places that never see on a post card. And rightly so.The Redaktion0 comment nice The carpark is a different place:.Image: Isabel HemmelDie GdB-SchlangeDa is thoughts of the author of never: The Gelateria di Berna.Image: Thomas Wyss

BAG chef says that we have no herd immunity. May be. What the Clever among us, but quite sure is a herd animal immunity. That is exactly why we avoid the currently mainstreamigste (or rather: maincreamigste) 2-Meter-distance-snake in the city, the direction Brupbacher is formed due to this Gelateria Di Berna (GDB) almost daily, because hey: in The end there are just cholesterol, saturated fatty acids and brutal a lot of sugar … and what is especially annoying: The long absurdity goes through right in front of my front door! (thw)

back exit Migros Limmat platzman realize it: click Here to go to the back door.Image: Isabel Hemmel

This is not a criticism of Consumerism, but nowhere to leave a shopping temple unglamouröser. After all, it happens this close Nonplace mostly alone. (si)

HürlimannarealMan asks only: What is this?Image: Isabel Hemmel

Sandwiched in between historic buildings, where once beer was brewed and the house are now Co-Working Spaces, Zurich’s most well-known (but somehow also a Nonplace) Spa-the temple and the offices of the Internet giant, is hot, this place is more of a large road, a Nonplace: (because unbegrünt), too modern and yet too old – and with its mix of Gotthelf and Google every Time confusing. (aho)

barracks, in spite of many counter-arguments like this non-place of the writer.Image: Isabel Hemmel

Strictly speaking, the barracks lawn is not a non-place, but merely an inner-city Meadow, which is not cleaned out. A brown Trail crosses the Green, the dark horse chestnut at the edge are trimmed, the view falls on barbed wire and the deportation prison. This includes Circuses, the pitch on the Meadow together with his Entourage to your tents come several times a year. However, despite the little cozy corners of the heavens always goes up a little when you sit down for a while on one of the concrete blocks on the edge. So little hip Zurich rare – a great non-place. (dsa)

quarters of Höngg

Terra gardens focused, nested-built houses, steep stairs and paths that force you to buy a car because a bike and a stroller here hardly come high: The upper part of Höngg is a district, where the (moderate) views, and the rest agreed, without realizing that it went to the account of life in the District. The Bars (is it ever?) and Restaurants can be found almost exclusively along the Limmatstrasse, on Sundays, one meets, except for panting joggers not a soul. If someone invites you to Höngg, I always have a backpack with food and a book, because I am afraid to starve to death, or to seeds of the Association. (cs)

Selnau-development, this is not a silent Place.Image: Isabel Hemmel

“The residential development Selnau claimed to be very self-conscious on the urban development of the difficult triangular site of the former railway station Selnau in the city middle Sihlufer,” writes the real estate administration of the city of Zurich. That is as may be, also, that we can live here fine. What you don’t want, however, to insert a Pause. Even if the associated, huge concrete rotunda is particularly inviting with its long stone benches to do so. You should get back together, would, like, 50 people. The Good would be, you wouldn’t have to talk to the rest of the 49 people, next door, the noise of the sihlhölzli road, and a rushing of the train through a raging. (ish)

under the leadership of QuaibrückeMan, believe it or not, but here is kissed.Image: Claudia Schmid

Under the Quai bridge at the Bellevue, where the Uto is excreted in the Limmatquai, it is any time of the day unpleasant: cold concrete walls, flickering neon lights, the smell of piss and from time to time, a teen couple who has moved to smooch back. It’s hard to believe that just a few meters from Zurich’s post-card backdrop a so bad place hiding. (cs)

bus stops rose gartenbus missed? This is even less funny than any where else.Image: Jean-Marc Nia

Not that the rose garden road would otherwise be a downright feast for the eyes. The bus stops under the rose garden bridge, but something of the most Sad, what can you expect of people who are dependent on public transport: in Front of a the whole of Switzerland four driving lanes up and down. In the back one has a wall surface, which ensures the fine dust and other Unhealthy a particularly good liability. And over the head? Yes, there’s the thunder also transport. And if all that is still to be picturesque, cast a glance to the Glass recycling next door, the oozes, per se, a very own Glamour. (nia)

Upper LettenAls hidden images were still possible.Image: Nicola Pitaro

It is a mystery to me: How can you lie on the track of the sun, cloth to cloth, oiled Topkörper in addition to oiled Topkörper, and all of you have your own Boombox with you, from the unsäglichste music booms, the man can fantasize? Are you somehow even more uncomfortable? (nia)

pavilion sculpture by Max BillEin image, a melody of Tetris.Image: Isabel Hemmel

Bleak it is when it is raining. But also in the sunshine, you don’t want to be here. Maybe you are not infected here sitting with Corona, because the massive pillars viruses are safer than each partition wall, but, you already get the idea of the granite benches, a bladder infection. Since no tourists, the “Bahnhofstrasse” stroll along, where you could watch the display to wear their wealth, also disappeared, the last reason to stay here. (ish)

Basler Versicherungs AGJedes Zurich football heart should expose short.Image: Isabel Hemmel

The General Agency of Basler Versicherungs AG is located in the Förrlibuckstrasse 10. When I went recently, it came to me in the sense that the FCZ must continue to play against the wretched FC Basel (miss Manager Burgener or not) – and on average probably also in the future five out of six games is going to lose. The pulled me so down that I’m the promise wrung, never a Basler insurance, what. (thw)

carpark space sihlquai concrete-Zen in its purest form.Image: Stefan Busz

not A classic non-place, or to do it. Asphalt area, 40 Car Parking spaces, a Kiosk, a Ticket booth for city tours as advertising for the Jungfrau railway, a paid toilet. In short: great urban Tristesse on 7000 square meters right in the centre. And yet, this place is dear to me. He tells of Arriving and driving Away. And otherwise, if the times are better, directly to Targu Mures? (bu)


Clearly, it’s pretty snobbish to mock the mass clearance in the Multiplex cinemas. But whether you go into the Abaton, in the Arena Sihlcity or in a similar theater, it is always amazing what the people have become accustomed to: a bunch of commercials before the movie. Unnecessary pauses, like right in the middle of a scene. Overpriced, bad beer. And always the disappointment, that a movie is only shown in the dubbed version. (ggs)

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