Ms. Fitzpatrick’s expulsion will be at Saint Fintan’s Church, Ballyfin, this evening
Noel Fitzpatrick, Channel 4’s Supervet Star, is in mourning following the death of his beloved mother Rita at the age 92.

Fitzpatrick’s TV series was popular because Rita was often mentioned by her son. He told him how he flew back to Laois to see her.

Noel’s family released a statement on that reads: “Our dear mother, Rita Fitzpatrick (92), died peacefully at her home in Esker, Mountmellick on Wednesday, February 2nd.

“Rita was preceded by her husband Sean, her brothers Tom, Sean, and Pat, as well as her sister Marie, and her daughter in law Sheila.

“She is being mourned by her sister Philomena and her children John, Mary and Grace, Noel, Josephine, her daughter in-law Geraldine and her sons-in law Robert, Liam and Willie, her brother-inlaw PJ, Bernie, Ettie, and Sadie, as well as her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and all of her caring family.”

Mrs Fitzpatrick’s expulsion will be at Saint Fintan’s Church, Ballyfin, this evening.

Tomorrow morning will be her funeral, followed by burial.

Family Fitzpatrick has requested that Friday’s house be kept private and family flowers only. If you wish, donations can be made to Laois Hospice.

Supervet Noel also lost Sean, his father, whom he called his hero. Sean died in 2006, after collapsing at the family farm.

He was devastated to learn that Keira, his beloved pet dog, had died last year.

Noel is most well-known for his role as The SuperVet’s star and for pushing the boundaries in animal treatment.

He has been a pioneer in surgery, including the fitting of the first bionic leg for a dog.

His first love for animals was in his childhood in Ireland.

Noel recently spoke out about his past and became emotional as he thought back to his father’s death.

Noel, as a child, helped his father Sean, a farmer, often.

Noel was a small boy who used to count sheep at night. This is what sparked his passion for working with animals.

Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, interviewed the veterinarian about his childhood and how he relates to his father.

Lauren asked Noel if he was close to his father. Noel responded: “He was great in many ways.

He was not one to say “you did alright there” or to focus on any material.

Noel said, “I recall that he only ever really gave me one thing material throughout my entire life.” It will be a memory I will never forget.

“It was my Birthday and he came in with a Timex watch in a box. He just gave it to us and said, ‘Just use your time wisely.

“That was the best thing about him, you know, he would speak the most profound words.

He said, “Having said all that, he wasn’t a man of many words. It wasn’t until he died and I moved to Great Britain that I asked him big questions. We bonded a bit.”

Noel admitted that he had one regret in his father’s relationship.

“I feel sad, though, because we never had that chat you know. Noel acknowledged that they never had the ‘What is this all about, Daddy’ chat.

Lauren replied, “But it sounds as if he knew that you loved him,” and the veterinarian responded, “Oh, I believe so, yes.”