The German tenants ‘ Federation warns of rising Rent in the new year. “After our assessment, no factors that are likely to curb the increase in Rents,” said Director Lukas Siebenkotten. So supply and demand gaped, especially in large cities, conurbations and University cities, are still apart. The episode had strong rent growth in supply. “Not only that, in the extremely high-priced cities, the price slows down increase, since Rent here is affordable.”

The high bid, and re-letting to the Rent in existing leases, would rent through said Siebenkotten. “The customary comparative rent is rising in cities expected to increase by 3 to 5 percent.”

at Least, in addition to the cost of the tenant Covenant is not forecast to 2019, with significant climbs. According to the most recent data for 2016, tenants on average paid nearly 2,20 Euro per square meter for the “second rent”, including Heating costs. In the case of a 80 square meter apartment 176 Euro to fall, therefore, in addition to cost per month. Almost half is apportioned to the Heat. Only homes heated with Oil, should expect significant premiums, said Siebenkotten.