The viewing of data on Monetary developments, earlier, especially in Germany, an intensive activity has come in the past few years out of fashion. But, as before, by the European Central Bank (ECB) on a monthly basis to Pay for the amount of money in development to be released. In this week’s published data to confirm this for some time, the observable Trend that is not loose rights to the popular image of an “ultra” or “Hyper-accommodative” monetary policy fit: the growth rate of The M3 money supply slowed more and more.

Gerald Braunberger

editor in the business, responsible for the financial market.

F. A. Z.

The M3 money supply over many years for the German Bundesbank, and in their first years, also for the ECB an important size. It forms, in simplified terms, the economy is circulating money. In particular, it is made up of the sight deposits of non-banks and the total cash in circulation plus short-term time and savings deposits and shares in money market funds, Repo liabilities, money market securities and Bank bonds with a maturity of up to two years to maturity.

This amount of money has grown at an annual rate of 3.7 percent. It puts you into a relationship with one of the ECB’s targeted inflation rate of just under 2 percent, and an expected economic growth of around 1.5 percent, the monetary policy generous enough to Finance the economic growth. But the very “ultra-loose” doesn’t she look.