the Standard Thursday night in the Europa League, but a follow-up to knit in the good-looking, performance-Club Brugge (2-2 Real Madrid, and Racing Genk (0-0 against Napoli in the Champions League. At no time is there a usual resident. In the pouring rain of London for the Rouches at least one class is enough for a young Arsenal, with a 4-0 lead in the end to be mild to stay. Arsenal will go with a six-on-six at the top of Group F. this Standard is given in the second place, it is accompanied by Eintracht Frankfurt, which is by 0 to 1 was a win of Vitoria Guimaraes.

“as long As we have a result, be able to drop it, it will come as a surprise”, was Michel Preud’homme for the match, said. We believe that the Liège-T1, no, not really, because the Standard is really the season began, and especially since Arsenal will not have the strongest team in taipei, taiwan. Their replacements have been younger, but no less”, was Preud’homme for the match will be warned. And he was right.

For, say, Reiss Nelson (19), And Gabriel Martinelli (18), Joe Willock (20), … all of Them are still so young, and she’s scary good. How is this to young to Arsenal for the Rouches in the beginning when the throat and grip it was very impressive. The Standard did not have any wood arrows to make it. Nelson was the openingsminuten two times of grace, but within fifteen minutes it was done. Tierney delivered a perfect cross, Martinelli was a good man, and nodded, perfect.

Hotel space

now, the Standard had only just kicked off, or the Brazilian teenager had to show the player’s score will be doubled. Of 131 seconds, according to the statistiekenwebsite Opta. First, it sent Martinelli Vanheusden into the woods, and then he coldly finished. And to think that the Standard’s supporters in advance and were happy to see that topschutter Aubameyang did not start. The people of liège were out of work, saw this and couldn’t the ball be in the squad to keep up. In particular, in Vojvoda, and Boljevic saw the stars on their right side.

flashbacks to that disastrous night in Sevilla (5-1) from the last year of it. Just playing, we was in a Spanish oven, and it is now at a rainy Emirates Stadium, which is very clean running. Milinkovic-Savic, it would soon be a third time in may, as well. Nelson saw his first attempt will be allowed to creep in. The ball fell in then with a little luck, the path of Willock, and he also worked with a clinical finish.

you can Damage control

the Arsenal was sitting back going back to Standard was a little better at the game. Nevertheless, it continued to work trust the oh-so-fragile. Be sure to get the ball, we saw time and time again the wrong controls on the players, which we are not accustomed to. How often do Laifis is a ball too far in front of him, played, or Cimirot is in trouble, and turned to. Unknown. Only from the stationary phases, there was a Standard in the first half of the real threat. In addition, they came just before half-time in a safe place, when a Swiss ref, not the ball may be in violation of Milinkovic-Savic is on Nelson.

in Damage control, in the second part of that, because of the ‘Young Guns’ of Unai Emery had not decided on. Martinelli was a two-time close to a fourth goal. Ceballos, another rasvoetballer, made it all the way. The Spanish Real-Madrid-held and struck with a beautiful assist by Martinelli in a hurry to the line-in.

What do you do about it? Carcela was in the field, Boljevic, and Mpoku are threatened with a great crash. Furthermore, all of the English that was the hot topic. It was with some improvisation in which a 4-0 lead. A blow that will be to arrive at a Standard, that is, the double clash with Frankfurt, will soon be even more important to see it. The Germans went on to win in the there are many and counting, just like the Rouches, three points. In between, there is topmatchen is in its own league in the calendar. To meet the Standard to have been a real sight to see.