The Swiss major Bank UBS wants to provide high quality standards for sustainable Investments without the involvement of supervisors on the legs. “Before a big regulation is put in motion machinery, the industry, to agree even on definitions and criteria – and, ultimately, products that are in breach of these rules, as non-sustainable, fire-brands,” UBS Chairman Axel Weber in an Interview with the news Agency Reuters on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the world economic forum in Davos. “If there is a market failure, one has to think about regulation. But I find that regulation of this emerging market, is only the second-best choice.“

UBS is one of the largest asset managers in the world. The Bank but looks at the contribution of private investment to development objectives of the United Nations, by 2030, a clear deficit. Per year 2 to 7 trillion would be required dollars in addition to private investment, to achieve goals such as poverty reduction and environmental protection as the aim, it was said by the Bank to the Meeting of Business leaders and politicians in the Swiss Alps.

“The United Nations have set themselves necessarily very ambitious goals, both in terms of the climate agreement in Paris, as well as what relates to the development of sustainable Investments,” said the former head of the Bundesbank. “These markets are still very inadequate and in a rudimentary Form.”

Many products do not adhere to high Standards

For private customers, more and more money plant currently produces the products, such as, for example, funds that advertise to focus only on renewable energy and environmentally friendly technologies, or to explain, company exclude, who earn their money with weapons, alcohol, or tobacco. On closer inspection, many of the products do not comply with the high Standards you write on the flags, according to UBS.

in this respect, the actors would have to put in a emerging market high Standards, said Weber. “You know, for example, in Germany, from the diet industry, where there is a Bio-Label. And for this organic label, there are certain requirements that must be fulfilled by sustainable food in order to get the Label. In the area of sustainable Investments, it is exactly the same – you need a clear set of criteria, you need a market infrastructure that is geared to sustainability,“ claimed Weber.