President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) warned at the end of the year in front of alarmism in the comments from the AfD group. “I’ve had no fights. I would not dramatize in comparison to other parliaments“, said Schäuble in the ZDF. “Overall, our Parliament has become more lively. It finds more attention and that is our task.“

The Bundestag Vice President Claudia Roth (Green), and Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) had previously complained of a radicalization of the AfD group. “We are experiencing the boundaries of language, an attack on democratic institutions and the attempt of reinterpretation of the story,” said Roth of the newspaper “Rheinische Post”. Because the AfD “entanglements have to the extreme right-wing spectrum,” felt “some employees,” according to “insecure, have fear”. Kubicki added in the joint Interview: “The AfD radicalized in the Bundestag.” It had once been even “, just before a brawl”, because between the cries of the AfD members have been unbearable. Nevertheless, there is a “deterioration of the handling of forms of” to be observed also in other groups. “When the former SPD leader, Martin Schulz, wants the AfD party leader Gauland on the dung heap of history, then this corresponds to about the same level, as if Gauland of the former SPD-Commissioner for integration Aydan Özoguz says he wants to dispose of in Anatolia.” For the Non-choice of the AfD members Mariana Harder-Kühnel in the Bundestag Presidium Kubicki said nothing to him, a case of what he should say against Harder-Kühnel.

The AfD group Chairman Alexander Gauland told this newspaper on Sunday, the statements of Roth were “below our level”, he comment. Kubicki will not lie, however, “quite wrong”. “There is no rational reason for us to exclude”. The AfD members will be elected “democratically, and deserve the same respect as those of other groups.” Kubicki had said to the case of Harder-Kühnel nevertheless, also, he had “great understanding that the Parliament does not want to be forces represented, we keep the part for undemocratic”.