The “Shutdown” in the United States of America is in the third week. A summit of Democrats and Republicans, with President Donald Trump was not on Friday without a breakthrough, an end to the budget dispute is not in sight. The leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, said after the conversation in the White house, Trump had threatened with a Shutdown in an unprecedented length. “He said he would hold the government over a very long time – months or even years.” The American President confirmed the then. He will not go away, that it would come to this, but he was prepared for it”,” he said. “I hope it goes longer than a few days. It might even go very fast.“

Trump insists that a new budget law must include funds for the required border wall to Mexico. Overall, this should amount to five billion dollars. The Democrats reject this categorically. Schumer said he and the new democratic Chairman of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, would have appealed to Trump, he should not take “millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of workers” as hostages. Trump spoke of a “productive Meeting”. They had come a long way. He hoped that the past two weeks the Government could shut down in a couple of days, Trump said. He was also willing to keep the Etatsperre months or even years. “I don’t think it will be so. But I’m prepared.” He also does not exclude the possibility of a national emergency declare to him, as promised, wall on the border to Mexico to build.

The Friday the 14. The day of the “shutdown”. Hundreds of thousands of government holidays are agents in forced or you will need to work without salary. Pelosi described the conversation with Trump as a “long and sometimes controversial discussion”. It had been but agree that you lead the discussions.