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Nissan is continuing with the roadmap to close their production plants in Barcelona, in the free Zone, Montcada i Reixac and Sant Andreu de la Barca. This Monday has been communicated to the unions that the 30th of June will start the consultation period with the representatives of the workers, a step prior to you start the procedure of collective dismissal.

The shutdown process continues, therefore, for the majority of the close to 3,000 direct employees of the multinational, who have met today fifty days of strike. However, the team that evaluates to the closure of the facilities, led by the tarragona Frank Towers, has decided to keep the store of spare parts situated in The Prat of Llobregat, in the working about 110 employees.

“The will of Nissan is to establish an open dialogue with all parties, in order to establish a negotiation table in which to find points of agreement to move forward in this process,” he explained in a press release. In the same, the company recalls that last may 28, “after a careful and detailed study” on its industrial operations in Barcelona, he had not found a “viable solution for the future of the plant”, by which he communicated his intention of closing the factory of the Zona Franca and the centers of Montcada i Reixac and Sant Andreu de la Barca, starting December, 2020 .

“According to the legal terms and the internal calendar of the company established for this process, since the announcement of the may 28, the Address of the company has met with the european works council each week and has responded to their requests for information. Today, the management team has informed the committee that, in parallel and in accordance with the law, the company will begin within a week, the next day 30, the process of consultation with the Committee appointed by the Committees of the Company premises,” the statement added.

In recent protests, the workers have called for the repeal of the article 51 of the Workers ‘ Statute to recover the administrative authorization of the Records of Employment Regulation (ERE). With this reform, the multinational would need a favorable report from the labor authority to enforce the layoffs. Without it, after the period of 30 calendar days set by legislation, you can now move on to Work the final decision of collective dismissal which it has taken and the conditions of the same.

Also on Monday, the federation of car dealers Faconauto has called for “an end to attacks that are suffering from the dealers of Nissan since the brand announced the closure of its plant in Barcelona,” and he called “deplorable, unjustified and unfair”. This request occurred after the attacks that they have suffered dealers of Nissan in Valencia and the announcement that the same may occur also in other cities, such as Seville and Bilbao.