Sint-Truiden –

Just like last year, the city of Sint-Truiden, belgium; Nina Derwael to celebrate as the brand new world champion, on the bridge, the uneven bars. The awards ceremony is on the 26th of October, in the Hilly town.

The city of Sint-Truiden, belgium, will in all Hilly turnverenigingen invite you to join us at the Truiense Sports centre, St. Peter’s cathedral. The 19-year-old Derwael is also the time for the fans around the world.

on Saturday, elongated, Nina Derwael at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in the German Stuttgart, and her world championship win at the bridge. She did it with 15.233 points on the British Rebecca Downie (for 15,000 points), and the Amerikanse Suni Lee (14.800 points).

Senna Deriks, Jade, Vansteenkiste, Maellyse its train and Airport Daveloose was Derwael tenth in the team competition. The Belgian women have won a ticket to the Olympic Games next year in Tokyo, japan. In the allroundcompetitie ended up Derwael in the fifth.

for More about Nina Derwael world CHAMPIONSHIP gold brings Nina Derwael just a mere reward, but this moved them not: “I’ve been doing this for the love of the sport”, Why, love, Nina Derwael and her gold medal is also a little bit of it to her friend to thank, As did a friend of Nina Derwael in the game, that they’re the gold was caught and Marjorie Heuls, coach, and Nina Derwael: “First of all, to rest, and the blocks, and then build it in the city.