Nothing humanity loves more, apart from money, Sex and Power – as rituals. Night of the Proms, conceived in 1984, after the model of the traditional British Last Night of the Proms of the Belgian students, Jan Van Esbroeck and Jan Vereecke, became an annual Ritual. First in Belgium, then the Netherlands and finally, since 1994, in Germany. Also the silver anniversary of the E chums up sharply, with the U-music. Every year, with less E and more U, but what’s the point? As in the 24 previous years, a series of more or less big name in the national as well as international popular culture in a week-long tour operation, to vote, mostly in front of sold-out houses each with tens of thousands in the Advent season, the glad. So at the first of two sold-out evenings in the Frankfurt Festhalle. Since the hut is full, and the inlet presented colorful lights flash like wild before it starts at all.

As the new things in visual art, namely, semi-transparent video screens in front of the Brazilian Maestra Alexandra Arieche-led Antwerp Philharmonic Orchestra proves to be after all. Three-dimensional impressions are now a breeze. Classic it is to start: After the “Overture NOTP 2018” follows the deceptively of the flood is a legendary Adagio from the “9. Symphony”, “From the New world” by Antonín Dvořák. For the first time, to the action of the electrified Crowd in “Mambo” from Leonard Bernstein’s Musical “West Side Story may not participate” – at a certain point all must call out “Mambo”. Then joy: Gabor Vosteen, “The Fluteman”, combines humor with virtuosity. Can he serve but five flutes in parallel. How to do this? Two flutes in the mouth, two on the nose and on the ear. Later he is allowed to ask four spectators to the collective flutes into the spotlight.

Bendzkos leptosomer Betroffenheitspop

Tim Bendzko-Germany’s reigning consensus-son-in-law, then, is the first and only German contribution in the program. After all: Bendzkos leptosomer Betroffenheitspop, with which he professes to be “Not a machine”, the time needed to “save the world”, is a symphonic base muscular growth.

The classic “On the beautiful blue Danube” by Johann Strauss, dozens of pairs to rotate in the Auditorium confidently their rounds in three-quarter time. As a stunning virtuoso guitarist Petrit Çeku from Kosovo is then a little bit later. In a duet with Tom Vanstiphout from the NOTP-Backbone-Band, it is sufficient even for the world-class. Subtly directs the Duo to the Belgian Singer-Songwriter Milow, is in the middle of the seat You Don’t Know “series”. His catchy tunes “Ayo Technology” and “Howling At The Moon” under the feeding of the Belgians with targeted interactions, and meter-high sparklers sparks – the crowd favorite of the Evening is awarded.

string tracks in the Disco

After the break, indulge in orchestral and choral composer, the genius of Charles Camille Saint-Saëns. Petrit Çeku dips into Nino Rota’s film music from “The godfather”. Then the Grand Seigneur, Bryan Ferry shows that you can run well even at the age of 73 in full swing: “Avalon”, “Slave To Love” and John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” are characterized by a bitter-sweet, skillful Rock Boogie-rhythm but also works like clockwork: in the case of “Let’s Stick Together” grabs the Ex-Roxy Music front man with his harmonica.