the Remains of Albert’s between two fires, now that his former employer, Nick Nuyens, a claim for compensation of 1.1 million euro has been made against the former poulain, Wout van Aert. The big question is: does Nuyens tried to get Albert to kiss after Van Aert to unilaterally cancel the contract opzegde in the team of the Nuyens?

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On the 18th of september, 2018, clapping, Wout van Aert, the door behind them close by, Veranda’s Willems-Nicholas, the team of Nick Nuyens. “For reasons of urgency”, they said at that time, in the hope that no compensation should be payable because of a breach of contract. But Van Aert had it for a while, made it very clear that he really wanted to go to the Jumbo Visma is to be able to drive it, even though it walked out of his contract at the Veranda’s Willems, a year.

Walter Van Steenbrugge, a lawyer from Van Aert, arrived on Tuesday in the hearing before the labour court with an urgent reason to be in breach of contract on the court, in which John and Albert have a key role to play. According to him, it would be John Albert, tom van Aert, due to Nuyens can be set to be hard to talk about Aert. Albert wanted to leave and go to the home team, and that he would only be allowed to have, as he testified, that, By Aert in addition to his shoes and walked with him no more and to work hard. “Albert’s been blackmailed, but he refused to do.”

the Remains of Albert is in The News story. “I have the truth written down. I’ve got a very long time to be written. Now it is up to the judge. The main reason why I stopped, and as the team leader for Nuyens was the arrival of my daughter. I have to, Nick said. If I am asked to take the oath, I will have no problems with it. I’ll tell you how I got that time period to me. I don’t want to take part in the games. Not on the side of the Nuyens and not on the side of the Van Aert. I have my own version of the facts to put it in my stupid head. Nuyens takes over me, and that is a very nasty business. However, if I ask, what are you going to do? I’ve never even had the intention been to give someone millions of dollars to pay for it. It’s a process, and it is not my own.”

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