in England, south africa, South Africa, and a few of the dozens of other countries, in the four-far and wide count on the other to the final of the world cup of rugby, which is on Saturday at 10 am Belgian time, in Japan, Yokohama is taking place. Is also anxious: Nic Balthazar. Film-maker, presenter, as well as klimaatactivist, but also an ex-player, rugbyfanaat well as a co-commentator for the final.

What we need to see the final between England and South Africa and assessment?

Nic Balthazar: . “It is particularly surprising that in New Zealand, on the move, it is dead. The All Blacks have long been the best team in the world, but in England it was played in the semifinal against New Zealand did you? Pure champagnerugby that, with a lot of speed and creativity. While in South Africa, especially in physical strength vechtrugby, very, legged, where it is lost. Of china printed in the Springboks of their opponent, themselves, easily fifty feet back. Based on pure power. In south Africa, it features a pair of dual meters, 120 kilograms). The finale is a kind of Boerenkrijg.”

“That’s world cup rugby in the whole of the Commonwealth, is an event of the utmost importance. Word is given, the more impact we can have. In Japan, it is a bit far for you, but in addition to Play Sports-presenter-Thomas Liekens < / i> (Balthazar until a co-commentator, editor’s note.) I dream to be at the next world cup is in France in the final, live with it.”

what individual players do you look forward to?

“here, Let me first of all say that in rugby, the team is more important than the poet. That being said, I hope that South Africa is once again to be able to use Cheslin Kolbe, a man who, with 1.65 metres, proves that you’re not a giant, it must have been to be in this sport at the highest level available. It’s all about the muscle, that guy. It runs a hundred yards in not much more than eleven seconds, and can happen all by itself, to take the first step. Even as small as the game is Faf de Klerk, 1,72 m. He serves as a conduit between the scrum , and the line of magical things to do. If it is on the forces of nature is, I think, to the Direction of Etzebeth, a city of 2,04 m. But even these giants are enormous, agile, and fast. And when both teams are on the number 8, the man who is at the back of the pack down. The destroyer . In the other animals. Both Billy Vunipola and if Duane Vermeulen will be human bulldozers. You don’t want to see in the dark.”

Photo: AFP

How to make your own rugbyverleden look like?

“I’ve got that game around the age of thirteen a long time with a lot of enthusiasm, practised by the Ghent Rugby&Football Club. In those early years, it was bathed stood the test of time, in Flanders, in a francofone to the atmosphere. Previously, I had a half-a-dozen sports and tried out, but in rugby, I feel right at home. It’s a real ploegsport, that you are also what is more decisive about breaking down the work might go on. Jacques Rogge, who is still on the national team and has played a half a year of training. An imposing man, it was just that. Are powerspeeches was amazing. He was a physician and the president of the COIB, but still have time to put his former club to help out. Under his leadership, grew it into a first-class, all it took to make our stay there didn’t have to.”

do you Have anything left over in those years on the rugby pitch?

“no, Not really, no. (laughs) and I am even still walking forward. But the bruises, blue-eyed, broken-nosed, and distortions are inevitable for me, of course, you don’t. My mom asked me once if I would mind if she came in to watch a game. When I was in my twilight years isn’t enough it could work out, I have my left shoulder severely damaged. At that point in my career. My son has now pass the torch over. He trains five times a week. You really have to be in perfect health to the physical battle, to be able to do.”

Legged sportje, that’s fine.

“this is a war without bullets. The area of the enemy to capture it. At the world CHAMPIONSHIP level, is that if you get run over by a car. The game is so much faster and harder than in my day. As it says in the Bible: < / i>, It is better to give than to receive. The main difference is that in rugby, and people to each other and openly hurting, as elsewhere in the geniep to happen. And afterwards, they give each other a big hug and a round of applause. If there is even one of elbow, placed, as France did in the semi-final – fly, that guy is straight out of the field.”

No hooliganisme?

“I’ve seen. (smiling) , Or, when, during the final of the Flanders championship, the women of our two best players to come to blows were. My team mates would have to be replaced in order for the emotions to be calm, so we have that match and still lost. When we are in a major match, to be exuberant, shouted, removed the arbitrator, which are crucial in try . He took us to a behavior contrary to the spirit of the game. Let it be a oorlogssport, you need to be the adversary is always to be respected. Better than I can do it stood the test of time is not typical.”