Hockey Star Nico Hischier – Four months of military instead of the Playoff-hunting and home-WMDer Valais NHL players had goals for the first half of the year 2020, large. The 21-Year-old is unhappy but not with the corona-induced forced break and has understanding for the protest movements in the United States.Marco Keller0 KommentareNHL-Star Nico Hischier, in spite of the Corona-not a forced break, lost his Confidence and peace.Photo: Sabina Bobst/Tamedia

here is A sentence with seven words was enough to shock many of his teammates when the New Jersey Devils. “I am going to the army now,” said Nico Hischier and surprised to advance his American team-mates.

it Probably would have layers with this statement, even P. K. Subban, the tongue, the beat Devils-ready defender and partner of the Ski icon Lindsey Vonn. “I don’t think he knows it yet,” says Hischier and laughs.

top athletes are in the United States during their active time, basically as far away from a military use, such as Donald Trump, Angela Merkel. Accordingly, could imagine initially, hardly anyone, that is, of all things, a Swiss-based met during a pandemic Patriotic tasks. Hischier operation, but the work of enlightenment: “I have explained to you that the military service is a duty, but also to train, it is a army for athletes and I get a during this time the Chance.”

As the NHL Teams shortly after the break the players in the middle of March the Okay to travel home gifts, hesitated, Hischier not long, a few days later, he was sitting already in the plane to Europe. In the Canton of Valais, he was able to replenish energy and together with his brother Luca, striker HC Davos, extensively train. Jogging, Cycling and weight training on the fraternal training plan, it was also played once in the Garage, Hockey, just like old times. Ever Hischier enjoyed the one and a half months in the Valais: “It was a very nice time. I had already spent a long time a lot of time with the family.” With Luca, he also discovered a new Hobby: “We started to play Darts. It was pretty balanced, but we had a good series.”

“Now the RS is the perfect solution”

The “army-for-athletes”, the top-of-sports-RS, began at 14. April, first because of the Lockdown of four weeks, with Online classes from home. In Magglingen, he advanced on 11. May, since then, the Training was in the foreground. “Here I have everything I need. I can prepare myself very well for the next season,” says Hischier the conditions in the Swiss sports Mecca, “I never had a Problem with that, to make the military, and now the RS is the perfect solution.”

in General, Magglingen currently has the character of a hockey class camp. Many National League teams are either in the RS or in the WK, even Luca for three weeks. Twice a day, is trained, there are theory lessons, for example about mental training and nutritional guidance, and enough time for Regeneration. To Interview Nico Hischier appears in dresses with the inscription “top-level sports promotion of the army,” only on next Tuesday will focus in Wangen an der Aare the Militärtenü. Corona has also brought in this area at that time.

so Far, like the 21-Year-old “very good”. But actually, Nico Hischier had for the first half of 2020 other plans: First, the NHL championship would have been there, the attempt to achieve in spite of missglücktem start of the season nor the Playoff. Then he would have led typically the national team as the first Center in the world Championships at home.

“It is for all, not just in Sport, as in all other areas. We’re all in the same boat.”

Nico Hischier

Now he is waiting to see whether and how eventually, 24 other Teams bring the season to an end – and the dream of a world Cup medal in Switzerland he has to move in order to years. To recover rather than somewhere in the heat of the long season, he is in Magglingen and the view from one of the Spartan rooms over the lake and mountains. “It all came in the last few months, quite unexpectedly,” he muses, “but it is for all, not just in Sport, as in all other areas. We’re all in the same boat.”

Various qualities have helped Nico Hischier at this time: He is calm, down-to-earth, he has learned to accept Unalterable. Therefore, he advised the gaze quickly back to the front: “I’m positive, you have to, otherwise you don’t move forward. My attitude was always: It is the same for everyone, it affects everyone, from Young to Old. We all need to stand together.”

The hope for a better future

the Four years he spent in Overseas, the last three in New Jersey. The first Swiss number 1 Draft Pick already has over 200 NHL games completed, has long since become the “franchise player”, in the next seven years, his contract is gross with 50,75 million dollars endowed. Around him the team is built, the very young Team will soon follow to the glorious times and the Stanley Cup fight. Hischier is confident: “We have a very young Team with a lot of good guys and good players. I have full confidence in the Club, that’s why I said also, I want a long-term stay here and with the Team to grow together.”

Nico Hischier proves his class in the Dress of the New Jersey Devils. Video: Tamedia

The United States have long since become his second home, however, he is happy that he could spend the difficult months in Switzerland: “I am especially glad that I was able to be with family. New York was hit by the pandemic, and I would have been there alone, because most of the other players traveled home, too.”

also Moves the protests in the aftermath of the brutal murder of George Floyd by a police officer have him last. Hischier expressing solidarity with the protest movement, has made last week on his Instagram profile, like many other athletes, the black screen and the Hashtag #blackout Tuesday. He does, however, a clear caveat: “Unfortunately, there are people that take advantage of this movement and destroying things, and it’s not supposed to be.” Pleased to see him, however, that athletes have made, for once, clear your voice in a political area, claimed: “I think it is very important that athletes, actors and others to stand up and the country to show that they, too, are of this opinion.”

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