They finished second overall and reached the final four. I don’t blame myself too much…

A prediction that made a lot of sense. The Avalanche were defeated by the Kraken in the first round of the playoffs, what do you want. And let’s just say that few people predicted the Golden Knights Cup!

I was wrong, but I’m far from the only one.

Eight victories away from being right.

A catastrophic season, marked by a coach who lost his locker room and goalkeepers who no longer know how to stop pucks. I couldn’t have predicted worse.

They made it to the semi-finals. It remains a very good hockey team.

An easy choice. Only Simon-Olivier Lorange wanted to be original. I let him deal with his troubles…

Well yes, obviously.

A good prediction! Well, everyone here fell right in… except one person. Best regards to Simon-Olivier and Kirill Kaprizov.

It still takes guts to predict that the best player in the NHL will win the Hart. Like Barry Horowitz, I give myself a pat on the back.

Squeak squeak. His pace slowed and he missed 15 games. He did, however, get a third-place vote for the Hart Trophy – no, that wasn’t me.


Nothing… except Erik Karlsson. Who would’ve believed that ? But collecting 66 points in just 60 games is nothing to be ashamed of for a defenseman…

Makar was limited to 60 games last season. Either way, he will have plenty of other opportunities to win a second Norris during his career. News: my vote will go to Makar again this year.

I demand a recount.

I still strongly disagree with the choice of Erik Karlsson as the winner of the trophy, but even if he hadn’t won it, Adam Fox also beat Makar.

Without having a bad season, he never came close to Norris. He was nevertheless the leading scorer for the Nashville Predators, a club in transition.

He received 41 first-place votes, and finished second in the voting, behind Erik Karlsson.

Saros had a good season with a 33-23-7 record and a .919 save percentage, but his team was too weak. He nevertheless finished fourth in the votes. Linus Ullmark, the winner, was more spoiled in Boston.

It was difficult for Shesterkin to repeat the exploits of 2021-2022. He still had a good season. But others have done better.

Who could have predicted that this trophy would go to Linus Ullmark? Nobody, obviously.

Shesterkin received only two third-place votes in the ballot: one from his mother and the other from a certain Guillermo El Francesco, a Bolivian journalist little known among his colleagues.

He finished second in the poll, behind untouchable Linus Ullmark.

I was hesitating between Linus Ullmark and him (but no…).

I narrowly missed the honors. Power finished third in the votes behind Matty Beniers and goalkeeper Stuart Skinner. A 35-point season at his age remains encouraging for the future!

“No doubt he will quickly establish himself as a key player in Seattle,” I wrote last year, I humbly recall. Beniers, the first-ever draft pick in Kraken history, was sensational with 57 points in 80 games. He helped the team reach the playoffs.

Well, it seems that everyone had seen Matty Beniers, except two people, including me. There is no excuse. None.

Another bold bet than that of the second choice in the previous draft. In Vegas, I would have made enough profit to buy a palette of chocolate.

It wasn’t exactly a long shot.

Bingo (until).

Connor McDavid was too strong. He scored 64 goals and Draisaitl scored 52.

I remember hesitating for a long time between Draisaitl and Auston Matthews… So, when hesitating, it’s better to choose Connor McDavid.

Matthews let me down. There is no other word.

He finished 24 goals behind the winner, Connor McDavid, a gap he would have EASILY closed if he hadn’t missed 8 games. Damn wounds.

“Only” 40 goals, but in 74 games. Connor McDavid and David Pastrnak were in a class of their own.

And bingo again. Never two without three !