In principle, this duel would have attracted the attention of all of America. Imagine a Sunday night duel, the first day of October, between Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers. However, this failed act will ultimately be a one-sided match in favor of the visitors. The Chiefs are on a short but good run. And it’s hard to believe that the New York defense will slow down Andy Reid’s men if it was unable to contain Mac Jones and the Patriots last week. Unfortunately, Zach Wilson will be powerless once again.

Prediction: 36-14 Chiefs

Surprisingly, the Jaguars are favorites according to the oddsmakers, even if nothing is going well for Trevor Lawrence and his associates. Each match is a heavier and heavier disappointment. This meeting played at Wembley Stadium, in England, will allow Europe to see Bijan Robinson, true general of the Falcons in attack, in action. The rookie running back impresses by meeting the expectations placed on him. The Falcons surprise and the Jags disappoint. The story is likely to be the same on Sunday. Especially if Lawrence continues to be so scattered in his pocket.

Prediction: 21-18 Falcons

Who doesn’t love the classics? When the Dolphins and Bills face each other, there are always flames. And in the current context, no one will want to miss this duel. Miami scored 70 points last week and the Bills only allowed 3. This is also a divisional matchup and every game between the two teams will be crucial in determining who finishes atop the East. the American. The two troops are equivalent in almost all positions and this is the kind of match that will tilt in favor of the team which ends the match in possession of the ball.

Prediction: 31-27 Bills

There were 35 more or less direct references to the life and work of Taylor Swift in the text “The New NFL Treasure (Taylor’s Version).” Here is the list in order of appearance: