For the past few weeks, it’s as if the NFL teams have been exchanging their running backs. With the signing of James Robinson from the Jacksonville Jaguars, there was no place in the New England Patriots hierarchy for the excellent Damien Harris. Injured more than his turn in 2022, he was unable to capitalize on his success achieved in 2021, when he scored 15 touchdowns. Harris fit the profile of the perfect running back for the Pats. At times, he can sound like James White. With the departure of Devin Singletary, the Bills pulled off a steal by signing Harris for less than $1 million per season for the next four years. Josh Allen will love it instantly.

Devin Singletary was misused at Buffalo. Not only was Josh Allen the main threat on the ground, but Singletary was stuck inside a rotation of running backs that did little damage. Yet when given the ball, Singletary is ridiculously efficient. He is a bulldozer. Traffic doesn’t scare him, and while he scores few touchdowns, he’s in the trenches at best. In Houston, he is expected to share the ball with second-year Dameon Pierce. It will be interesting to see how this duo will be used, as Pierce had wowed in his rookie season, but since a season does not make a career, there is no indication that he will be able to produce at the same rate. Singletary is therefore a great alternative, especially for a one-season deal.

Miles Sanders was one of the most underrated running backs last season. His work has been overshadowed by that of Jalen Hurts, some would say with good reason. Sanders still finished fifth among NFL players in rushing yards in 2022 with 1,269. He also finished eighth in the league with 11 touchdowns. Panthers fans know what a good running back is. They have seen Christian McCaffrey evolve. Sanders is a completely different player, but just as effective. By signing the 25-year-old for four seasons, the Panthers have secured the services of a talented running back who can help rebuild a team that is playing its cards right.

Last season, Jamaal Williams finished first in the NFL in touchdowns with 17. Few people would have bet on that early in the campaign. Still, Williams was instrumental in the resurrection of the Detroit Lions. His great strength being to find the breaches in tight spaces, particularly at the gate of the goals. In his opinion, the offer submitted by the Lions was not sufficient. She would have even been “disrespectful”. He turned around and headed to Louisiana for $12 million over three years. With Williams and Alvin Kamara, the Saints now have the best running back duo in the NFL. No backfield is scarier. It remains to be seen how they will divide the work, but this addition is decisive for the Saints.

With the departure of Jamaal Williams, the Lions needed to find a new top player to carry the ball. They found it in tough guy David Montgomery. Despite being 25 years old, he plays like an old-school running back. He’s tough, he accepts getting hit and he feeds on the energy of a broken tackle to move forward. This diamond may not have been polished enough by the Chicago Bears. He will be able to assert himself in a team aspiring to the playoffs. His statistics are nothing extraordinary, but the Lions will be able to count on his versatility, both for the game on the ground and for the aerial game. He’ll blend in beautifully with Dan Campbell’s bloody, dynamic attack.