Garoppolo has got to be one of the most divisive quarterbacks in the NFL. While some question his ability to carry a team the way a franchise quarterback should, others appreciate his straightforward play and his ability to deliver what is expected of him. That’s exactly why the Raiders offered him $72.75 million for the next three seasons. Admittedly, the 31-year-old quarterback doesn’t have the punch of Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson and his injury history must have put off several teams. Nonetheless, Jimmy G is a great quarter system, offering stability in the sleeve and the assurance of executing every play well, without fanfare. He will be well surrounded with Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs. He will also reunite with coach Josh McDaniels, with whom he won the Super Bowl in New England.

It’s a fresh start for Derek Carr, after mixed success with the Raiders. Betting on the 31-year-old quarterback was risky. After all, he’s only played one career playoff game. The Saints still offered him $150 million for four seasons. However, if there’s one organization Carr needed to end up in to relaunch his career, it’s the Saints. He will be surrounded by top players and he will be able to wreak havoc without playing extraordinary. With Alvin Kamara, Jamaal Williams, Taysom Hill and Chris Olave, he will only have to distribute the ball. Carr can finally dream of playoff success, as the Saints are playing in a very takeable division. If he can limit the damage, this signing could prove to be a great bet.

The Buccaneers’ interest in Baker Mayfield was the NFL’s worst-kept secret. The day Tom Brady announced his retirement, all observers named Mayfield as the logical successor to the greatest player in history in the Florida pocket. This will be the fourth training in three years for Mayfield. The former first choice could never count on a smashing offensive. However, he distinguished himself in 2020 by bringing the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs. He could then count on two dynamic receivers in Odell Beckham Jr and Jarvis Landry. In Tampa Bay, he’ll be spoiled for choice with an even more talented duo of Chris Godwin and Mike Evans. Mayfield will have to create his own luck in a market coming to find fame in person. He is, however, in the right place to relaunch his career.

What’s going on in Washington? The Commanders have built a monstrous defense. Among the most intimidating in the NFL. They brought together explosive, versatile and productive elements on offense. They missed the playoffs by just one game last season. It’s as if they’ve managed to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, but they’re missing the last piece for the full picture. This piece being the quarterback. Since the last serious starting quarterback, Kirk Cousins ​​in 2017, 12 quarterbacks have started. This time, the Commanders handed the keys to the team to Jacoby Brissett, under a one-year, $8 million contract. The 30-year-old quarterback will be on his fifth team in the NFL. Last year with the Browns, he didn’t do badly with 12 touchdown passes in 11 starts, but he’s certainly not the long-term solution for a team with growing ambitions.

It would be extremely surprising if Mike White ended his Hall of Fame career. Nonetheless, his tenure last year with the New York Jets was enough to convince the Dolphins to sign him. White was an excellent second. He even gave Jets fans hope of a playoff berth. With Tua Tagovailoa’s fragile and precarious state of health, Miami had to find a quality second quarterback. White should do the trick. At 27, he could become an excellent compromise for the Dolphins if the condition of their franchise quarterback deteriorates. White won’t revolutionize the quarterback position, but quality depth is never too much in this league of multiple contingencies.