(Phoenix) There will be no video review for quarterback roughing in the NFL.

The 32 teams on the circuit have refused to adopt a proposal from the Los Angeles Rams that would have allowed coaches to request a video review during these often controversial decisions. It was one of several changes discussed at the circuit’s annual meeting on Tuesday.

NFL Competition Committee Chairman Rich McKay said the brief experience in 2019 for obstruction case reviews tipped the scales heavily. This experiment had ended in 2020 and had demonstrated how difficult it was to review a matter of referee judgment on the field.

The other proposed changes were relatively minor. The vocabulary was changed to penalties for charges with the helmet, as McKay pointed out that several players have been able to avoid fines in recent years due to this issue.

All players, except those on the offensive and defensive line, will now be able to wear the zero.

Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Calvin Ridley has already revealed his intention to have the zero on his jersey.