resim 55
resim 55

Like a sweet scent of vacation and idleness. There’s no doubt about it: summer is fast approaching and brings with it longer days and higher temperatures. After a particularly hot spring, marked by two heat waves in May, the meteorological summer is off to a flying start.

After a first week of June placed under the sign of the storm, the second should mix showers and heat. Indeed, temperatures of up to 34°C are forecast throughout the week… In our slideshow below, discover, region by region, the day when it will be the hottest in your area. The information provided is based on Météo France forecasts as of June 3, 2022 at noon and is subject to change.

Very often in summer, our sleep is disturbed by the heat. Difficulties falling into the arms of Morpheus, untimely awakenings, sheets wet with sweat… To ensure you have a peaceful and cool night, there are several tips. First, take care to keep your shutters or curtains closed when it’s too hot: by blocking the sun, you keep the air inside your home fresh. Also, a dark bedroom will help you fall asleep better.

To cool your room, you can also hang a wet sheet on the windowsill in the early evening, when it starts to get dark, and open the window. A fresh air will emerge in your room.

Finally, to cool the bed, you can place a hot water bottle that you have previously put in the refrigerator. Good night !