This month of March has been very random in terms of temperatures, and this trend is not improving: indeed, the back and forth of the thermometer is expected to continue until the end of the month. Thus, the beginning of the coming week will see a new cold snap hit France. A certain thaw will follow, more lasting than the low temperatures that precede it. However, we will probably see some late frosts in France, due to the upsurge in the thermometer yet to come.

At the same time, the end of March but especially the month of April should be synonymous with a return of precipitation across a large majority of the territory. This news is long overdue, especially in the southwestern regions, where the lack of rainfall is sorely felt: indeed, the groundwater tables are still dangerously low there.

Temperatures will drop below 0°C this Tuesday, March 28. Even though users of the electricity network are seeing their bills soar, despite the cold, it is advisable to keep energy consumption to a minimum. To do this, you can, for example, use the heat from your shower. Indeed, if your bathroom is adjacent to your living room or your bedroom, remember to leave the door open after taking a shower: the hot water vapor emitted will warm your interior.

Find below the 38 departments in which the thermometer will dive below 0°C this Tuesday.